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From Baseboards to Statement Boards: Skirting the Trend Line

Strolling through home decor sections or surfing online, it’s hard to miss those catchy skirting board for sale banners. But are you in the loop with the hottest skirting board trends? Skirting boards, once mere wall protectors, are now making bold decor statements. Let’s dive into what’s making baseboards the talk of interior design towns!

1. Tall and Majestic:
Gone are the days of inconspicuous, short skirting boards. The trend is leaning towards tall, imposing boards, sometimes even reaching a foot in height! They add a touch of grandeur to rooms and make ceilings appear higher.

2. Dark and Dreamy:
Dark-toned skirting boards are having a moment. Charcoals, deep blues, and rich greens contrast beautifully against light walls, creating a sophisticated, modern look.

3. Minimal and Sleek:
For lovers of the minimalist aesthetic, the trend is clear-cut, simple skirting designs. Without ornate details, these boards give a room a clean, streamlined appearance.

4. Textured Tales:
Texture is in! Be it a rustic, reclaimed wood look or a grooved pattern, textured skirting boards add depth and intrigue to spaces.

5. Vintage Vibes:
Drawing inspiration from past eras, particularly the Victorian and Edwardian periods, skirting boards with intricate carvings and patterns are making a comeback. Perfect for homes looking for a touch of vintage charm!

6. Dual-Toned Delights:
Can’t decide on a single color? No worries! Dual-toned skirting boards are in vogue. Imagine a deep navy on the top half and a soft grey on the bottom, separated by a gold trim line. Pure elegance!

7. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable:
With a global shift towards sustainability, eco-friendly materials are the rage. Bamboo, reclaimed wood, or sustainable timber are top picks for skirting boards. Not just trendy, but also kind to Mother Earth.

8. Hidden Features:
Modern skirting boards come with hidden surprises – concealed LED lighting, or built-in cable management systems. Functional and fashionable!a